Meet the team !


Owner, designer & president.

High-spirited boss, with an open heart and kind communication. Always consults multiple relevant sources before making up her mind. If you have a problem, she sure will come up with a solution. A gentle touch in every situation, she knows what she wants and how to reach for it!


Jennifer officially joins the team in January 2020, however, she was doing craft show for Michelle Beaudoin for the past 10 years.  She works in a lot of fields such as casting, customer service, shipping, and still doing craft shows across Canada. As a manual person, she likes the work because it changes a lot. Never two days look the same and she likes it!


Assistant #1

Cares for all the team’s needs when he is not sleeping…aemm! working ! on Michelle’s chair. Cutest baby face dog ever known in Montreal…aemm! the whole world. Main functions: entertainment and decision-making.


Assistant #2

  Shanti joined the team in January with Jennifer. She is taking care of the good atmosphere at the workshop and making important decisions. She is also a security guard for the refrigerator.


Workshop Supervisor

Knows every nook and cranny of the workshop ! Designs toolkits for each new product, builds magnets, frames and boards, supervises shipping and helps out his colleagues with a sincere gentleness. Real asset to the team!


Office And Show Assistant & Salesperson for the brand.

Makes the connection between paperwork/laugh office work and crafty manual workshop tasks, the supra-connected-and-fun online world and the real-flesh-and-bone-heart-and-sunshine people domain… With a song or two in her mind!