Meet the team !


Owner, designer & president.

High-spirited boss, with an open heart and kind communication. Always consults multiple relevant sources before making up her mind. If you have a problem, she sure will come up with a solution. A gentle touch in every situation, she knows what she wants and how to reach for it!


Assistant #1

Cares for all the team’s needs when he is not sleeping…aemm! working ! on Michelle’s chair. Cutest baby face dog ever known in Montreal…aemm! the whole world. Main functions: entertainment and decision-making.


Workshop Supervisor

Knows every nook and cranny of the workshop ! Designs toolkits for each new product, builds magnets, frames and boards, supervises shipping and helps out his colleagues with a sincere gentleness. Real asset to the team!


Office And Show Assistant & Salesperson for the brand.

Makes the connection between paperwork/laugh office work and crafty manual workshop tasks, the supra-connected-and-fun online world and the real-flesh-and-bone-heart-and-sunshine people domain… With a song or two in her mind!